A Little about Myself

My name is Annie and I have been a hospice nurse for a very long time. I have learned that Death is a hard topic to bring up for anyone, but especially in a hospital. It is that white elephant in the room that everyone refuses to acknowledge, and the ones that do are usually seen as unloving or uncaring towards whoever is closest to death. In the hospital, it is part of the process to introduce palliative care, also known as end-of-life care, whenever it seems a prognosis is grim. This does not mean all the options for that patient are meaningless. I have personally dealt with patients that are introduced to palliative care options that have reacted both badly and favorable. As a nurse, I feel that it is always my duty to be a patient advocate, no matter the decision. I created this blog to have a way to voice my experiences and to get others familiar with palliative care as a hospice nurse.